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6:22 PM

Its been months but feels like years since last I held my camera.  When I strap on this gorgeous 4lb weight to my hand, it feels like home and I can start breathing again.  So, as soon as the opportunity presented itself I almost jumped out of my skin from excitement!

This fun-loving mother and daughter came to visit family in New York all the way from Poland for a couple of weeks. We met and became fast friends. Shopping and dancing became a part of the schedule for me and Edyta, who teaches physical education and sings Bulgarian songs with beautiful zeal.  One of the things I loved about her is that she looooooved to take pictures everyplace we went, from the majestic SouthStreet Seaport to the amazing Brooklyn Bridge.  Finally, when she approached me for a shoot I laughed because she took the words right out of my mouth!  She wanted professional images of her daughter, Maja, who is an A student and is about to start her college career. She is an aspiring model with a keen sense of fashion, which makes it even more fitting.  This striking beauty with a gentle soul moved with a natural ease and made my job of capturing her super easy.  

How grateful was I?  Well, what was supposed to be a family portrait shoot at the beach turned out to be something you’d see in Glamour magazine, if I do say so myself, take a look...

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